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Carolina Conference

Virtual Women's Retreat

Date: November 6-8, 2020

Friday        7 pm  "Treasures of Truth"

Saturday    2 pm  "Back to the Future"


                  7 pm  "Wilderness Living"

Sunday      9 am  "The God Who Sees

To purchase Gail's Study Book, click on the link below

Gail McKenzie Pic.png

Pastor Gail McKenzie serves as Women’s Ministries Director and Prayer Coordinator for the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference, a position she has held for over 22 years.

She has two married children, a special needs son, and her pride and joy: two granddaughters and two grandsons. She has been very active with her pastor husband, Mike, frequently preaching together, conducting seminars, teaching small groups, and now leading Zoom meetings for both church and conference. Gail has led Sabbath School classes and taught seminars on how to study the Bible, which is one of her deepest passions.


Gail has also been the featured speaker for various women’s retreats across the NAD, and she calls her year as interim pastor for GracePoint Church in Franklin, Tennessee “one of the most rewarding years of my life.” For several years on the local Nashville cable channel, Gail was the host of two television programs: “Health Hope” and “Truth and Wellness.”


Her teaching degree opened the door for her to get back into the classroom for a once-a-week class teaching Bible to 6th graders at the local church school. She has now finished writing her first Bible study, Higher Up, Deeper In, which is designed to teach readers how to dig deeper into God’s Word.


The greatest honor took place this past year when Gail was commissioned into the gospel ministry at KY-TN Camp Meeting.


As a seven-year breast cancer survivor, she cherishes each new day as a gift. Her greatest desire is for women to experience who Jesus is, how much He loves them, and who they are in Christ. Her salutation is always, “At His feet! There is no other place I would rather be!”

Gail's Favorites


Book List

*God of Sense and Traditions of Non-Sense                                                   Sigve K. Tonstad

*The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day                                                            Sigve K. Tonstad

*Toward a Theology of Beauty                                                                          Jo Ann Davidson

*Glimpses of Our God                                                                                         Jo Ann Davidson

*With Jesus in His Sanctuary                                                                     Leslie Hardinge PH.D.

*The Cross of Christ (God’s Word for Us)                                                         George R. Knight

*The Sonship of Christ                                                                                                    Ty Gibson

*Garments of Grace                                                                                                      Tim Crosby

The Treasury of David (Study of the Psalms)                                Charles Haddon Spurgeon

                                                                                                                Updated by Roy H. Clarke

Steps to Christ                                                                                                                           EGW

My Upmost for His Highest                                                                            Oswald Chambers

Daily Life in the Times of Jesus (great reference)                                       Henri Daniel Rops

Praying the Names of Jesus and/or God                                                            Ann Spangler

The Prodigal God                                                                                                    Timothy Keller

Bonhoeffer (Biography)                                                                                             Eric Metaxas



*Abundant Life Bible Amplifier (NT & OT)                                                Various SDA Authors

*Exploring (NT) Devotional Commentaries                                                    George R. Knight

*SDA International Bible Commentary Genesis (New)                                Pacific Press/RH

Daniel and Revelation Commentaries                 Ranko and Zdravko Stefanovic (brothers)

Whole of the NT Commentaries                                                                       William Barclay

Holman NT Commentaries                                                            General Editor Max Anders

Jonah God’s Scandalous Mercy (Other books of Bible available)       Kevin J. Youngblood

Mark (any NT books) For Everyone                                                                           N.T. Wright

Matthew Henry (Book or App)                                                                            Matthew Henry

Pulpit Commentary (Book or App)

Expositor’s Commentary (Book or App)

Harmony of the Gospels (A comparative study of the gospels) This is a good reference to find where narratives, parables, Jesus’s teachings are in each gospel.



Strong’s Concordance

The Complete Word Dictionary (Word Studies Series) NT&OT                  Edited by Spiros                                                                                                                                     Zodhiates TH. D

Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament                                                     Moody Press

Thayer’s Greek Lexicon (

Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of the OT and NT Words                           W.E. Vine


Apps – online study tools very user friendly. I use this everyday!

Offers Interlinear, commentaries, Septuagint, lexicon, aHarmony of the gospels and many other references. It is free and is available on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Laridian PocketBible (An app that requires you to purchase a library of books, references, dictionaries etc. You can download it all on your phone so is usable when WiFi is unavailable. It is very user friendly.) I use this also everyday.

Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Devotional (M & E) One of my favorite devotionals! I use it everyday! His scriptures send me on lots of journeys in the Bible!

Logos software for the serious student of the Bible. Very pricey and not very intuitive. But great for a scholar or someone doing a lot of preaching. It includes EGW books and other SDA authors.

*See commentaries above for more.




NASB: A word for word translation.

NET Full Notes Edition by Thomas Nelson Publishers: “As the KJV Translators’ observed in their 1611 preface, “Nothing is begun and perfected at the same time, and the latter thoughts are thought to be the wiser” – an observation that stands true today. Our team’s goal of faithfulness to the original languages is not a one-time accomplishment but an ongoing process. From the earliest edition of 2001 to the most recent updates completed in 2019, the NET Bible has reflected the translators’ commitment to constantly reviewing the latest discoveries of biblical manuscripts, accounting for changes in English usage and grammar, and incorporating current developments in textual criticism.”
This Bible includes notes from all 60 translators.

KJV: King James Version. ALL Strong’s Concordance numbers are based on the KJV. This is an early 1600’s translation commissioned by King James of England. Primarily word for word based.

NKJV: New King James Version. Updated English version for the KJV. Easier to read than the

ESV: English Standard Version. Primarily word for word based.

NRSV: New Revised Standard Version. Primarily word for word based.

NIV: Combination thought for thought and word for word translation.

NLT: New Living Translation. Thought for thought translation.

CEV: Contemporary English Version. Thought for thought leaning towards a paraphrase.

TLB: The Living Bible. A paraphrase.

MSG: The Message. A paraphrase.

The Clear Word Bible: A paraphrase by an SDA.


*A paraphrase is expressing the “meaning” using different words to achieve greater clarity. Usually written by one or a small collaboration. They are not as reliable for exegetical (what the verse actually says with no interpretation) study. They are good for general understanding and for devotional thoughts and reading.

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