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Click the play button above to start watching. If there are problems with the stream, please refresh your page periodically until it returns. (We will be muting the periods with music because of copyright compliance, so continue to check back. Thank you for joining us!)
Registration for this event is closed. Check the schedule for times to watch live through this page.
2019 Evangelism IMPACT Schedule


7:30-8:45 pm—Keynote*



8:30 am—General Session*

9:35 am—Seminar Sampler

10:35 am—Seminar #1

11:50 pm—Lunch break

1:45 pm—General Session*

3:15 pm—Seminar #2

4:15 pm—Supper break

7:00 pm—General Session*



9:00 am—General Session*

10:30 am—Worship*

12:15 pm—Lunch break

2:30 pm—Seminar #3

3:45 pm—Seminar #4

4:45 pm—Supper break

7:00 pm—General Session*



8:30 am—Seminar #5

9:45 am—Charge*


Spanish Track runs concurrently

during seminars #1-7


*Presentations will be streamed live on this page 

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