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Children Embracing in Circle


May 29-30, 2021 • Kids' Fun Day Online

God's Army Fun Day Logo.png

Weekend Schedule

Sabbath – Sábado

6:00pm           Opening Program –  Programa de apertura         Facebook

Sunday – Domingo

10:00am           Games and activities – Juegos y actividades        Facebook

3:00pm       Deadline to post pictures and videos on Facebook with hashtag #FunDay21

Hora límite para publicar fotos y videos en Facebook con hashtag #FunDay21

6:00pm             Closing Ceremony/Ceremonia de Clausura         Facebook

Watch here

For Parents and Leaders


  1. Download all the craft and activities sheets found above. Try to get as many of the supplies needed for the various activities. Make sure you have enough for each member of your family. Some of this materials are: Cardstock paper, crayons or markers, scissors, glue, disposable plastic cups, wide ribbon, rubber bands, etc.

  2. See if you can connect your computer to your TV. It would give you a bigger picture for the whole family to enjoy instead of watching on the computer or smartphone screen. 

  3. Invite your family and friends to watch. Even if they are not part of the Adventurers. This is a great opportunity to witness and recruit kids for the Club. 

  4. Pray – This is an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to impress the heart and mind of our children. Pray that everything works, the computer, the WiFi, the technology, etc. Pray for the Holy Spirit to touch the lives of the children.

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