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to the Disk, 7.e) and install the I'm gonna free disk space with an automatic disk-cleaning utility, and 3) you can use the free space for a non-important directory (for example, a directory that contains windows backup files) to hold files you don't want to delete.After deleting everything in the directory, move everything in the new directory to the folder. Manual approach (best) The only way you can be sure you are deleting all files is by using the Windows 'Eraser' app. If you have a USB drive, back up your documents, images, videos, music and important files (like your OS, working documents, photos, presentations) to an external drive, and delete the important files from the drive. If you have a CD/DVD/BD drive, insert the disc in a CD/DVD drive and burn all the files and folders you want to delete to a new disc. The following instructions assume you are using Windows 10 and that your computer is set to start in 'Safe mode' (if it's not, you can download the Microsoft Safe Mode tool here ). Download the Microsoft Eraser tool (from the Microsoft site here ) to the computer Start the Windows 10 Eraser program. It will look like this: Use the Eraser tool, and select the drive you want to delete files from. Click Erase and you're done. Note: The Eraser tool uses Free Space, which is the free space remaining on a drive or partition. So, it will not be able to delete files or folders whose names start with Z, except for the Z: partition. I have found this is particularly useful when you are cleaning up a drive that has only one partition (if you have more than one partition, you can use the standard Windows file explorer, and delete all the files you want to delete. If you don't have any partitions, then you need to burn your files to another disc. Using the Eraser tool is slightly more tedious than simply deleting files, but in my experience, it is much safer than deleting files from the command line. Automatic approach (easiest) The easiest way to free up space is to run Disk Cleanup as you normally would, but then select the 'Erase Disk' option. You can also download, and run the Disk Cleanup tool. If you don



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