Vision and Purpose

INSPIRING, EDUCATING, and TRAINING church leaders and members to turn declining and plateaued churches around.


Why ReGenerate! Church Revitalization Conference?


Because eternity is at stake for LOVED ONES.


Churches that many think will not turn around CAN!

TWO ingredients to turn a church around:

   (1)   a willing church

   (2)   a motivated pastor


What will ensure success?

   (1) churches use proven REVITALIZATION 


   (2) pastors receive COACHING through the

revitalization process from an

experienced Turnaround Pastor.

looking back

2018  Spartanburg, SC

2019  Charlotte, NC

coming up


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all future events have been cancelled. 


For more information, please contact:

Ralph Ringer

Southern Union

Church Growth Director


Brad Cauley

Carolina Conference Church Revitalization Director