Lake Junaluska Camp Meeting

May 30-June 5, 2021


Sun-Wed Evening Speaker:  Michael Goetz

Thurs-Sab Evening Speaker:  Mark Finley

8 am Speaker:  Mark Witas

11 am Speaker:  Pavel Goia


Health: Mark Sandoval

Family: Richie & Tamari Brower

Men’s Ministry:  John Earnhardt

Prayer:  Rick and Cindy Mercer

Outreach:  Gerald Babanezhad & Grant Agadjanian

Wellness:  Teenie Finley

Singles Ministry:  Dr. Jeffery Brown

Generous Living:  Jeff Wilson

Food Preservation:  Jan & Richard Garver

Designer Science-Creation: Loren & Scheryl Herbert

Camp Meeting Podcast

CAMP MEETING 2021 is NOT canceled at Lake Junaluska as of yet. Please check back for updates.


For Reservations at Lake Junaluska, call: 1-800-222-4930


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Monday - Thursday

8:00am - 6:00pm




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