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Lake Junaluska Camp Meeting
May 29-June 4, 2022 • Lake  Junaluska, NC

Attention: All meal plan tickets must be purchased by May 6, 2022

Theme:  The Gospel Changes Everything



Sunday - Wednesday evening:  Don Mclafferty

Thursday - Saturday evenings  and Sabbath morning:  Derek Morris

8 AM SPEAKER:  Scott Moore

11 AM SPEAKER:  Elizabeth Talbot

Young Adult Speaker:  Ryan Becker

Junior Speaker:  Joslen Lache

Earliteen Speaker:  Tam Adams

Youth Speaker:  Justin Kim

Adult Sabbath School Speaker:  David Wright and Charles Ferguson



1. Midnight Cry

2. Kevin Worth

3. Scottie Deal



  • Stephen & Karen Wickham - Two Seminars - Health

  • Philip Samaan -Two Seminars -  Devotional Life and The Mideast Messiah/Cultural insights into Christ's life and ministry

  • Eli Rojas, Sr. - Family

  • Sandra Doran - Education Edge

  • Jim Ingersoll - CERT workshop

  • Tony Moore- The World of the Patriarchs

  • Kathy Russell - Choir Clinic

  • Brenda Walsh - Women's Min

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