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Conference-Funded Employee Onboarding

Hiring & Onboarding Process – Conference-Funded Employees 


  • Committee/board votes to hire employee

  • You submit Hire Employee form

  • HR initiates online onboarding process

  • Employee receives emailed link to onboarding process

  • Employee completes I-9 and other onboarding paperwork electronically

  • HR notifies you regarding employment eligibility as necessary

  • Employee may begin working if eligible to work in the U.S.


IMPORTANT: Your new employee’s first day of employment will NOT be any sooner than the date on which he/she completes the I-9. Do not allow a new employee to work prior to the day that he/she completes the I-9 through the online onboarding process.


To begin the onboarding process for a conference-funded employee, you will need to submit a Hire Employee form using the button on this page. Please review the information below before submitting the form.


Even if you are re-hiring a previous employee, you will need to submit the Hire Employee form before he/she is allowed to work again.


To submit the Hire Employee form, you will need the following information for your new employee:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Start date (cannot be prior to the date you submit the notification form)

  • Position

  • *Work location

  • Employment class (regular or temporary)

    • ​Temporary = will be employed less than 5 months

  • Wage type (hourly or salary)

  • Number of hours expected to work per week

  • *Whether or not the new employee is a minor


*As needed by employee type

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Questions? Contact JoAlyce Waugh, HR Assistant Director, at 704-596-3200 or

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