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Children's Ministries Resources


Below are a number of resources and training events we have available for Carolina Conference children's ministries leaders. We hope you will make use of these in your ministry. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or further needs.

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Books/Activity Pages

Family Worship Resources

2020 Camp Meeting Preregistration

1. Children’s Ministries 4th trimester Sabbath School videos in Spanish Check out this link for more information!

2. "Dia del Niño Adventista”, Another great resource for the churches.

3. Children’s Sabbath materials:

4. #SayYESToJesus materials:

5. A few great articles dealing with disasters: In our nation, we are facing many challenges, so let’s stick together and help our children out in the best way we know how!

eNewsletter Archive


January 2020

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