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Courtnie Hodgins

Department Secretary


Church Planting


In consultation with the office of the Executive Secretary, the Church Planting Department:


  • Plans and directs the birth of new church plants (congregation starts)

  • Facilitates groups and companies in making the move to company and church status, respectively.

  • Evaluates church health using a diagnostic tool called Natural Church Development thereby helping to bring about vibrant, growing churches.

  • Assists in putting systems in place to help new church plants to succeed


The motto of the Church Planting Department is Enabling churches to birth healthy new congregations for greater effectiveness in reaching the gospel harvest.


If you're interested in being part of a church plant, contact your pastor or Brad Cauley.


Step Counter

This counter shows our progress towards the conference church planting goal of having 90 "Steps" in a 5-year period (2016-2020).  We take one "Step" every time a new group, company or church meets all their respective guidelines and is approved.


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