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Men are consistently faced with questions and challenges concerning their role as husbands, fathers, and spiritual leaders at home and in present day society.


The Carolina Conference Men’s Ministries Department has introduced various approaches to address these relevant issues and meet the needs of the men in our region. We provide programs, resources and training for local church Men’s Ministries leaders that promote effectiveness and success. In the past five years we have conducted several instructional training sessions to certify our local leaders. Currently there are thirteen local leaders that have been certified by the North American Division Men’s Ministries Department. Several resources such as books, websites, DVDs, and personal instructional counsel have been provided on an ongoing basis. 


Throughout the years, several meetings (2-3 per year) have been conducted for the purpose of training and for the planning of Men’s Retreats and other events focusing on meeting men’s relevant challenges. These events give leaders the opportunity to share ideas, plan local church events, seek advice, and build support networks and friendships.


If you are interested in learning more about the materials and services we provide or would like to get more information about any events please contact us by calling the Conference offices at 704-596-3200.


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Monday - Thursday

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