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Seasonal  Employee Onboarding

Hiring & Onboarding Process – Summer Camp or FLAG Camp 


  • You decide to hire employee

  • You submit Hire Employee form

  • HR initiates online onboarding process

  • Employee receives emailed link to onboarding process

  • Employee completes I-9 and other onboarding paperwork electronically

  • HR notifies you regarding employment eligibility

  • Employee may begin working if eligible to work in the U.S.


IMPORTANT: Your new employee’s first day of employment will NOT be any sooner than the date on which he/she completes the I-9. Do not allow a new employee to work prior to the day that he/she completes the I-9 through the online onboarding process.


To begin the onboarding process for a seasonal employee (summer camp or FLAG camp), you will need to submit a Hire Employee form using the button on this page. Please review the information below before submitting the form.


You will need the following information for your new employee(s) before completing the Hire Employee form:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Start date (cannot be prior to the date you submit the notification form)

  • Whether or not the new employee is a minor


Even if you are re-hiring an employee who previously worked for your entity, you will need to submit the Hire Employee form before he/she is allowed to work for your entity again.


Since you hire multiple seasonal employees, the Hire Employee form allows you to add as many new employees as you need by clicking the Add employee link below the last data set. NOTE: Please submit the Hire Employee form as needed throughout your hiring season rather than waiting to submit all the names at one time.


Once HR processes the Hire Employee form, your new employees will be emailed a link to the onboarding paperwork, which must be completed online. The conference office hours are Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., except on the holidays noted on the conference calendar of events . Forms submitted when the office is closed will be processed on the next day the office is open.

High Ropes Course

Questions? Contact JoAlyce Waugh, HR Assistant Director, at 704-596-3200 or

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