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Volunteer Lay Pastor Resources

This site is designed and maintained for our Carolina Conference VLPs.  Please use these resources to enhance and grow the ministry the Lord has placed in your hands.

If there are resources you feel could be helpful that are not here, please contact the leadership team with your suggestion.

VLP Leadership Team

Palacios, Ricardo 2022.jpg

Pr. Ricardo Palacios

Hispanic VLP
Conference Coordinator


Bentley, Darryl 2022.jpg

Pr. Darryl Bentley

Non-Hispanic VLP
Conference Coordinator

Sandoval, Elias Sr 2022.jpg

Pr. Elias Sandoval

Hispanic VLP
Field Coordinator

Rollins, Christopher 2022.jpg

Pr. Christopher Rollins

Non-Hispanic VLP
Field Coordinator

Man Silouhette Praying.jpeg

Upcoming Training Dates

       Non-Hispanic VLPs

       Topic: "Preaching with Power"

       Presenter: Dr. Jud Lake

  • August 11-13, 2023, Nosoca (In Person)

       All VLPs

       Theme: "Building Teams Jesus' Way"

       Presenter: Dr. Paolo Macena

       Non-Hispanic VLPs

       Topic: "Christian Purity"

       Presenter: TBD

VLP Handbook PDF-English (As of Jan. 11, 2023)

Training Materials

2022 Annual VLP Training

-Friday, August 5-Eld. Haskell Williams (YouTube)

-Sabbath, August 6-Dr. Joe Kidder #1 (YouTube)

-Sabbath, August 6-Eld. Leslie Luis (YouTube)

-Sabbath, August 6-Eld. Gary Moyer (YouTube)

-Sabbath, August 6-Dr. Joe Kidder #2 (YouTube)

-Sunday, August 7-Dr. Joe Kidder #3 (YouTube)

2022 Quarterly VLP Training

"Taming the Lions of Strife: Conflict Resolution"

(PDF Handout)

Sabbath, Jan 15 w/ Eld. Darryl Bentley

"Biblical Exegesis"

(PowerPoint PDF Handout, Notes PDF Handout)

Sabbath, April 30 w/ Eld. Darryl Bentley

"Meaningful Visitation"

(Home Visitation PowerPoint, Hospital Visitation PowerPoint)

Sabbath, November 5 w/ Prs. David Wright, Bryan Aalborg, & Christopher Rollins

2023 Quarterly VLP Training

-"Tough Questions About the Godhead" 

  (PDF Handout)

  Sabbath, January 14 w/ Eld. Darryl Bentley

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