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Presidential Prayer Partners Petition & Praise (P5)


September, 2019 Carolina's 10,000 P5, part 3

6. Remembering and Keeping in Focus Our 2020 Vision VISION II: WELCOME TRAVELING PILGRIMS PRAY AND COMMIT to place attractive and updated signage of welcome greetings by the Seventh-day Adventist Church at every Interstate entry point into North and South Carolina with our conference website information. In North Carolina, we currently have 9 Interstate entry points on East-West bound Interstates 40 & 26 as well as North-South Bound Interstates 77, 85, & 95. In South Carolina we currently have 7 entry points on East-West bound Interstates 20 and, 26 as well as North-South bound Interstates 77, 85 and 95. Utilizing photographs of church family members from within our conference territory, we

September, 2019 Carolina 10,000 P5, part 2

4. PRAYING FOR OUR DEPARTMENTAL MINISTRIES: Medical & Dental Recruitment We are so blessed in the Carolinas with such an amazing team of dedicated and gifted ministry directors. They render an amazing level of creativity and services that guide the ship of God’s work in this small part of Heaven’s global mission. Beginning with our April issue of P5, we began highlighting a department of the conference each month – not so much as to give a full length report of all that they have been or are accomplishing, but rather to simply uplift these valued leaders and their faithful service in our prayers. This month, I invite you to prayerfully uplift our Medical Recruitment Department under the gift

September, 2019 Carolina's 10,000 P5, part 1

The 10,000 President’s Prayer Partners is a fast-growing group of Carolina Conference constituents who take matters such as these to their knees. We invite you to join us, and make this monthly list a matter of prayer. Together we seek the Lord for His answers and provisions to every need we bring before Him. 1. SEPTEMBER CONFERENCE EVENTS AT NOSOCA PINES RANCH HISPANIC CAMP MEETING II — CANCELLED! Let’s uplift our more than 6,000 and growing membership of Hispanic Carolina church families as they HAD planned to come together this weekend for the second of two Hispanic camp meetings at Nosoca Pines Ranch. This special event was CANCELLED due to the serious threat of Hurricane Dorian and the

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