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Presidential Prayer Partners Petition & Praise (P5)


December, 2019 Carolina's 10,000 P5, part 3

6. Remembering and Keeping in Focus Our 2020 Vision VISION V: FOSTER A CULTURE OF SOUL WINNING PRAY AND COMMIT to leading at least 1000 new souls every year to embrace Christ and His truth as members of God’s remnant church. To accomplish this, every pastor will receive encouragement and support to: Develop, communicate and implement an annual plan for kingdom growth in each church. This plan should intentionally include and involve the youth and young adults of the church. Host or personally hold at least one evangelistic/reaping effort annually in their church district. Opportunities should be explored to involve students who have participated in a ShareHim series of meetings. Follow with

December, 2019 Carolina 10,000 P5, part 2

4. PRAYING FOR OUR DEPARTMENTAL MINISTRIES: The Ministerial Spouses Association Department Starting with the April, 2019 issue of P5, we began highlighting a department of the conference each month – not so much as to give a full length report of all that they have been or are accomplishing, but rather to simply uplift all our leaders and their faithful service in our prayers. This month, I invite you to prayerfully uplift our Carolina Conference Ministerial Spouses Association Department under the leadership of my wife along with the officers of this association. Carole Louis, Director MSA Officers Joni Henderson, President Nancy Hughes, Vice president Alisha Michael, Secretary Ellen Rober

December, 2019 Carolina's 10,000 P5, part 1

The 10,000 President’s Prayer Partners is a fast-growing group of Carolina Conference constituents who take matters such as these to their knees. We invite you to join us, and make this monthly list a matter of prayer. Together we seek the Lord for His answers and provisions to every need we bring before Him. 1. PRAYERS OF PRAISE & PETITIONS FROM OUR PASTORS & TEACHERS As a team of colleagues and fellow workers for Christ, our pastors and educators represent the solidarity of their commitment to a ministry that impacts so many hearts for Heaven in our churches and schools. As long as there is one submission, I plan to highlight each request that comes in from our pastors and our educators so

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