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Presidential Prayer Partners Petition & Praise (P5)


December, 2018 Carolina's 10,000 P5, part 3

6. TWO VERY SPECIAL OVERSEAS PRAYER REQUESTS: A. SPECIAL AND URGENT PRAYER REQUEST FROM ADVENTIST WORLD AVIATION (AWA) Adventist World Aviation is a ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with headquarters in Smithfield, North Carolina. AWA has been a valuable partner in ministry with the Carolina Conference. In a recent conversation with Elder Ric Swaningson, the President and CEO of AWA, he asked me to remember a critical situation which is impacting the pilot-missionaries of AWA in Nicaragua. Norman and Nancy Hansen along with their three children returned to that country after having come home on furlough. Despite the instability and volatility of the government in that country,

December, 2018 Carolina 10,000 P5, part 2

4. PRAYING FOR OUR TEACHERS AND OUR SCHOOLS ACROSS NORTH AMERICA AND THE CAROLINAS We believe that pastoral ministry and educational ministry are equally valuable to the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. God’s messenger to this end-time church underscored this important consideration in these inspired words: “In the highest sense the work of education and the work of redemption are one, for in education, as in redemption, ‘other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.’”Education, Page 3. Please continue to keep our church schools in your earnest prayers. We still have to contend with an enemy of God and his children. Pray specifically for… Pray for wisd

December, 2018 Carolina's 10,000 P5, part 1

The 10,000 President’s Prayer Partners is a fast-growing group of Carolina Conference constituents who take matters such as these to their knees. We invite you to join us, and make this monthly list a matter of prayer. Together we seek the Lord for His answers and provisions to every need we bring before Him. 1. “WE ARE NEARING HOME” ON OUR EVANGELISM FUNDING GOAL! PRAY FOR GOD’S SPECIAL BLESSINGS AS WE PRESS FORWARD TO CROSS THE FINISH LINE IN OUR RACE FOR VICTORY IN JESUS With only two more months of reporting to follow, we are nearing our super goal of one million dollars that we reached and exceeded in 2014 for the work of evangelism. As a young boy growing up on the island of Sri Lanka,

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